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Each person that is buying a caravan and needs rv finance has a unique situation. We like to think we have a finance solution to meet the needs of most people wanting to buy a caravan or camper in Australia. We are not only a rv finance broker, we also provide a lot of other loans to, such as car loans, and have many different lenders on our panels that can provide loans to buy the caravan you want.

To make the process of applying for a loan easier, it helps if you have your financial records in order. Loan companies like to be able to see how you will be able to afford to repay the money you borrow from them to buy a caravan. So copies of different documents such as pay slips, bank records and your identification, will help to speed up the process of applying for a loan if you need the money fast. If it is urgent, let our consultants know when you speak to them that you would like a quick approval and they should be able to help you.

Some factors associated with the finance that can affect the overall cost of a caravan are :

  • RV Finance Interest rate
  • Any extra fees or charges for set up or monthly fees
  • Break fees if you want to pay out the loan early
  • Allowance for lump sum payments if appropriate
  • Length of approval period
  • Which loan you can qualify for
  • Whether the RV is an acceptable vehicle to finance

Different RV Finance Terms

The usual terms of finance for a RV are five years. But some lenders may extend this to seven years if you meet certain requirements. Similarly, if you would prefer a shorter loan, it can be possible with some smaller lenders or under some situations.


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